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Wasting valuable natural resources must be stopped. Sustainable production must be increased and the competiveness of the plywood industry improved. The worldwide savings potential is enormous.

The solution to optimize raw material utilization and improve profitability is:

Smart Mill powered by G5 technology

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Raute G5 technology to Optimize Production

Raw material optimization

Better raw material utilization has become one of the key differentiators in plywood and LVL production. Most technologies currently available attempt to maximize output by focusing on efficiencies in only one area.

Raute is changing that with its G5 technology that streamlines mill production to achieve up to 15% better raw material utilization. The pay-back of G5 system is typically less than two years.

Smart mill

  • Easy production control and supervision, improved mill manageability
  • Longer lifespan of production machinery
  • Easier predictability of services
  • Automatic failure repair and remote service
  • Serviceability of machinery not depending on time and place
  • Remote analysis for measurement and evaluation of mill data

One responsible supplier for the entire production line! Our competitors provide either equipment or measuring instruments, Raute provides them both!

Sustainable plywood production

  • Efficient use of raw material and minimized waste percentage
  • Improved energy efficiency

Raute brings added value to its customers’ businesses by supplying solutions for a profitable and sustainable production of wood products. Read more

Competitivity improves

  • Make higher value panels from same raw material
  • Intensified manufacturing processes and released resources
  • Lower production costs
  • Fewer production downtimes
  • Higher productivity and improved profitability
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Remarkable savings with G5 mill-wide modernization

Key benefits

Total process optimization for maximum raw material usage

Up to 15% better efficiency of wood utilization in mill scale

Up to 50% enhancement in veneer handling

G5 Technology

Innovative measuring technology to optimize production processes and raw material utilization

Raute Smart Mill technology provides an intelligent Production Optimizing System for the entire plywood mill. The new-generation technology is based on the latest combination of machine vision, moisture analyzing along with measuring and automation technology. Analyzers simulate further processes precisely securing the optimized process control. Integration between Mecano analyzers enables the mill level production optimization. The system is easily applied to exisiting machinery. Read more

Intelligent analyzers and production machinery – you get everything you need for the entire mill from one single supplier!



  • State-of-the-art overall solution, best user experience
  • Control and automatic repair of failures according to orders and raw material
  • Easy serviceability of equipment with automatic remote analyzing, service and failure repair


  • Highest precision of measuring technology and visual quality
  • Fully optimized production line, efficient production in all material handling processes
  • First-class plywood


  • New illustrative and easy-to-use user inteface developed together with customers
  • The control system can cover the existing production equipment supplied by any machine manufacturer


Raute specialists at your service

Mill modernization step by step or in one go

We will make it easy to change over to the new technology and to increase the performance of your plywood production or for the entire mill in one go. Upgrading into the new G5 technology may be performed machine by machine, line by line or for the entire mill at a time. The solutions are easily adapted to machines and systems of any equipment supplier.

We will help you to estimate the investment

Raute specialists have a long experience in the implementation of worldwide project deliveries, technology services and mill automation needs to the plywood industry.

This experience offers a wide perspective and knowhow available to all our customers.

We will evaluate your present technology levels and technical competitiveness of your mill. We also define the significance of the new G5 solution for your business and the relation between the investment and the turnover.

We will support you in future

Raute services will guarantee profitable operation and maintenance services throughout the lifespan of the new automation and systems. We will perform the testing and the measuring optimizations after installation. We also take care of the production optimizations several times a year.



Calculate your savings potential

What kind of mill entity, production processes and annual use of raw material do you have?

Enter the data into the easy-to-use calculator and you will immediately get a rough estimation of the savings potential of your mill. Raute specialists will help you to compile an exact calculation of the savings potential and an estimation of the investment.

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Raute knows the challenges and production needs of the world’s plywood industry – Raute Smart Mill production optimizing is at your disposal to solve them!

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